Student Testimonials & Photos

Comments from new students…

“In just three classes I have rekindled my love for gentle yoga. Thank you Michelle!”
~ Celia Amerson, Communications Specialist
Austin, TX


“I had only taken one yoga class (with semi-disastrous results) before meeting Michelle Michael and taking her yoga class. While I had great trepidation before the class, I was thrilled with the experience! Michelle is an amazing guide and teacher, making yoga not only very approachable for a neophyte but fun! I thoroughly enjoy Michelle’s classes and recommend her to anyone who is interested in a great yoga class, regardless of your ability because she manages to give each student personal attention that reflects their current physicality. After just a few classes, I have confidence and enthusiasm to learn more… Signed: A Yogini In The Making”
~ Lynn Scheurell,
Austin, TX

Comments from long-term students…

“I always enjoy Michelle’s yoga class. She helps us learn about yoga, which I knew nothing about before her class.”
~ Paul Jimenez, Master Control Operator & Cyclist
Austin, TX


“I look forward to Mondays with Michelle. Michelle is a vibrant and luminous instructor who radiates warmth and inspires us to feel comfortable, balanced, spiritually refreshed, and ready to face the rest of the week. She makes a special effort to get to know all of her students, and to learn about the ways in which yoga positively affects them.”
~ Karen Moore, IT Tech & Triathlete
Austin, TX


“I so look forward to my yoga class. It is a great way for me to set a positive mental tone for the week. There is something to be said about making a commitment to a time and place to do something positive for yourself. The group energy really feels positive – no competition, just people coming together to do yoga.”
~ Sue Neel, Dental Hygienist
Austin, TX

Yoginis in the making…